EnviroWeld eliminates the use of toxic herbicides, or costly mechanical cutting of weed growth under guardrails and fences.   Proven in use by Caltrans in all types of climates and soils to be low cost, simple and fast to install.  After the first DOT evaluations, Better Roads referred to EnviroWeld asphalt composite as the potential silver bullet needed against the problem, which has turned out to be a ture prediction.




Water is seamless, and any container must be seamless as well, for any level of reliability Water is intolerant of the slightest imperfection.  An 1/8 inch defect can leak 450 gallons every day.  Water is also heavy, requiring major structural reinforcement to prevent splitting during natural earth movement from thermal, tidal and seismic changes. EnviroWeld has been proven the performance cost leader. 



Seamless is as simple to understand.... simple to install.... simple to inspect. Simple ultimately means less chance for error.  The patented reinforcement and combination of materials provides the unique physical characteristics of ultra high strength for durability, along with stretch to provide for thermal movement.  The waterproofing ability stops the cause of fracturing, moisture induced expansion at the rebar.