EnviroWeld's automated equipment saves time, money, and problems in constructing asphalt composite.


A composite consists of a reinforcement held in a binder.   Once cured, the two components form a single solid structure with superior physical properties to roll based layered structures.  EnviroWeld's unmatched performance is made possible by the company's invention of reinforcement that is 20 times longer than previously possible a solid composite with the strength of fiberglass with the flex and stretch of rubber. Everything is made possible by the use of EnviroWeld's automated, quality controlled equipment made available to trained contractors. The unique one step process allows materials to be added where needed,

EnviroWeld uses 100 year proven bentonite protected, water borne asphalt for it's durability and long weathering abilities.  Type E fiberglass like used in airplanes is used for reinforcement becuase of it's strength, durability, and weathe ability against sun and water. The patented reinforcement pattern provides stength in all directions, including including the Z or thhickness direction, with no weak points.  The long strands also provide up to 10% elongation, a phyasical feather only available from EnviroWeld. The composite adhers to itself and other materials such that it can be reinforcwed in place without removal, and recycling if needed to be removed, for a sustainable system.




TENSILE- 300 lbs per in width 

TEAR – 300 lb

ELONGATION – 10% @ 77F

THICKNESS– min 240 mills 

FIRE- UL Class "A" over wood

PUNCTURE:- 700 lbs

APPLICATION- 10,000 sq ft/day

CURE- 3 days for traffic

CLEAN-UP- Water when wet

REPAIR- Pre-mixed by hand 



Typically half the cost of concrete, reinforced gunite, or chemical mats